Kollektion: Kenzo 2006
Designer: Kenzo
Hersteller: Lelièvre, Frankreich

The 2006 collection is a surprising mix of the floral profusion of the 20’s and 30’s, touched with a note of Hippy chic of the 70’s and the elegance of the French Riviera marine style. Elegance, large scale designs with a psychedelic feel, give an overall summery look.

Flowers in a naïve sketchy style, of Japanese inspiration, are designed with swirls and arabesques. A collection of nine designs (Flower, Eden, Garden, Colette, Soda, Cottage, Pop, Riva and Meli Melo) invites you to join an elegant cruise touched with nostalgia and freedom.

Modell: D’or et d’argent
Hersteller: Lelièvre, Frankreich

Inspired by the 1925 era, 5 designs make up the Lelievre silk collection. A play on scale, large and small combined with geometry and naive stylisation. Strong designs with contrasting textures, matt and shine with metallic reflections.

Kollektion: Soieries
Hersteller: Lelièvre, Frankreich

A return to classic understated elegance, a refinement with this silk collection. Taffetas and damasks (Colombine, Eloise, Abelard, Coppelia and Olympia) give neutral and intense colours with all the charm of a refinement atmosphere.


As one of the leading international manufacturers and distributors of the finest furnishing fabrics, the Paris-based company, LELIEVRE, is well placed to embrace with confidence the opportunities and challenges of the new millenium, based on the proven excellence of its products and outstanding client service.

Founded by Henri Lelievre in 1914, the grandfather of today’s President, the company has grown both organically and by acquiring several businesses, including Tassinari & Chatel in 1997 which is internationally respected for its savoir-faire and its prestige as manufacturer of the famous silk of Lyon (‘soierie lyonnaise’.)

In addition, LELIEVRE is exclusive distributor in France of ALCANTARA, the famous Italian microfibre ‘faux-suede’ for upholstery ; of GASTON & DANIELA, the leading Spanish house, renowned for their vibrant and colourful prints ; and, from 2004, of the MISSONI HOME collection.

Finally, in 1996, LELIEVRE secured an exclusive world-wide licence with KENZO, adding not only their contemporary fabrics to the company’s portfolio, but also interior accessories complementing LELIEVRE’s own collection of finished products.


Kollektion: Entre ciel et terre
Hersteller: Lelièvre, Frankreich

First outdoor collection „Entre Ciel et Terre“’ is made up of three new textures inspired by organic fibres. Bright colours and neutral tones are used to dress city terraces, gardens or the pool side. The fabrics are acrylic treated with Teflon R Protector making them light resistant, waterproof (sea water and chlorine) and washable. They are perfect for outdoor furniture in both the rain and the sun.