Stoff: Bourette de Soie

Gentle firmness, crystal-clear sheen, natural volume, pure silk.

Kollektion: Les Rubans
Band: Entre Deux

Kollektion: Naturel
Stoff: Gros Carreaux

Kollektion: Organic
Stoff: Iro

Kollektion: Cassique
Stoff: Les Lins Rayés

Dominique Kieffer, Frankreich

Luxury, peace and pleasure… the soft enchanting atmosphere of the Parisian showroom reflects the sophisticated, yet simple collections of the minimalist designer. The fabrics are cleverly displayed, with the patterns and colors being irresistibly eye catching. Dominique Kieffer’s outstanding natural fabrics are enhanced with her subtle palette that includes hemp beige, grey taupe, green absinthe, blue, sulfur yellow, purple or black. Though her collections feature an extensive range of linens, cottons, wools and silks, synthetics yarns blends and technical fabrics are not to be forgotten.

Designer and the artistic director of her own brand since 1987, Dominique Kieffer joined the Rubelli Group in 2002. Once a part of the prestigious Venetian family firm, she pursued her quest for authenticity, quietly inspired by her innate taste for simple, uncluttered styles.

From the Swedish Gustavian style to the Art Deco design movement, her sources of inspiration embrace simplicity and elegance. She strongly admires the narrow stripes of the Directoire period, or the simple fabrics and natural wood finishes of the Gustavian style. Their rich black shades are inspirational too, as she tends to use a lot of black in her work. Nature’s influence and noble materials such as glass, marble, zinc or slate are conveyed through her colors and textured-fabrics.

Dominique Kieffer

Kollektion: Aérien
Stoff: Pastel à Indigo