Modell: Cameleon
Hersteller: Limited Edition, Belgien

Spannungsvoller Teppich aus 100% Wolle, in wunderschönen Farben.

Modell: Crazystone
Hersteller: Limited Edition, Belgien

Handwerklich getufteter Teppich aus 40% Leinen, 33% Baumwolle kombiniert mit 27% Wolle. In auffallend schönen Farbnuancen von Natur bis Pink.

Modell: Emotion
Hersteller: Limited Edition, Belgien

Wunderschöne Kombination aus 50% Wolle, 37% Mohair und 13% Baumwolle.

Modell: Mystic
Hersteller: Limited Edition, Belgien

These carpets are produced by assembling various pieces of antique rugs that have previously been decolorized and re-dyed. These patterns are selected at random and can not be chosen by the customer. That's why every carpet is simply unique.

Pile compostition: 100% wool
Backing: cotton
Hand-knotted and assembled in Turkey

Modell: Palomino
Hersteller: Limited Edition, Belgien

Teppich aus 100% behaartem Leder, in grossen Teilen zusammengefügt.

Limited Edition

Limited Edition produces custom-made carpets of the highest quality and quiet integrity. The range stands out by its extremely innovative and creative approach that succeeds in seducing the international market. Therefore the company can be considered as a real trendsetter.

The textile firm has its home base at Mouscron (Belgium) and was founded in 1992 by Katia De Witte, who till this day still is the creative brain in the company. Her brother James De Witte traces the commercial lines, while Philippe Hanet is responsible for the production.

The fact that the top managers in this trio excellently complement each other is one of the major trump cards Limited Edition holds.

The clientele lists a number of internationally renowned names, such as Catherine Deneuve, Michael Schumacher, Georgio Armani and a number of European royal houses.

The carpets of Limited Edition are in the first place intended for decorators and architects who are at the service of a very demanding private clientele.

LE Limited Edition

Modell: Zebrano
Hersteller: Limited Edition, Belgien

Teppich aus 100% Leder, in feinen Streifen kunstvoll zusammengefügt.