Modell: SL4.1
Design: Peter Wigglesworth

Modell: Trípode  
Designer: Equipe Santa & Cole
Hersteller: Santa & Cole, Spanien

The tripod was a natural choice for a lamp base given its stability. This is why they are used to mount delicate surveying and photographic equipment. Curiously enough, a tripod was also used as the base of the stool from which Apollo's priestess delivered oracles at Delphi, the three prongs symbolising the sun. What could be more appropriate then, than to make a lamp whose tripod base not only provides outstanding stability but which also symbolises light itself

The Trípode comprises three tubular metal rods which are topped off with the GT5 shade. This extremely stable arrangement obviates the need for a heavy base. The lamp cord is tucked away in one of the legs so as not to detract from the clean lines of the composition.

The success of the Trípode floor lamp led the Santa & Cole in-house design team to conceive a smaller version, perfect for placing on a table. In both versions, the lamp shade comes in three colours - red, black and white. The shallow conical frame is hand-covered with tape, woven from threads of the desired colour.

Modell: L4/Alu-1
Design: Peter Wigglesworth



Modell: Puk
Design: Siw Matzen
Hersteller: Anta

Die Tischleuchte Puk ist in drei Farbkombinationen lieferbar. Metallteile aussen weiss – innen pink / gold oder Metallteile aussen graubraun – innen weiss. Der Leuchtenschirm ist höhenverstellbar, der Fuss sorgt mit 22 cm Durchmesser für festen Halt. Leuchtmittel max. 75 W E27 (H 71,5 cm / ø 22 cm)