Modell: Diana
Designer: Federico Correa, Alfonso Milá,
Miguel Milá
Hersteller: Santa & Cole, Spanien

Large spaces demanded a larger version of the Diana table lamp, thus leading to the birth of Diana de pie and Diana Mayor. The central symmetry and the shaft of decreasing diameter that threads the light continue to be its basic features.

From a circular base the Diana lamp soars upward in a slender metal shaft topped with a large circular shade. The lamp's only straight vertical line is the metal shaft. Otherwise it is dominated by circular shapes: its large shade, the metal base and the different diameter sections of the shaft. The result is a simple and well-balanced object.

With the Diana Mayor, the line of sight of a person standing is at the same height as the lampshade, thus preventing the light source from being looked at directly. This new model has grown in scale from its standard lamp namesake, designed in 1995, to light large spaces.

Modell: Trípode  
Designer: Equipe Santa & Cole
Hersteller: Santa & Cole, Spanien

The tripod was a natural choice for a lamp base given its stability. This is why they are used to mount delicate surveying and photographic equipment. Curiously enough, a tripod was also used as the base of the stool from which Apollo's priestess delivered oracles at Delphi, the three prongs symbolising the sun. What could be more appropriate then, than to make a lamp whose tripod base not only provides outstanding stability but which also symbolises light itself

The Trípode comprises three tubular metal rods which are topped off with the GT5 shade. This extremely stable arrangement obviates the need for a heavy base. The lamp cord is tucked away in one of the legs so as not to detract from the clean lines of the composition.

The success of the Trípode floor lamp led the Santa & Cole in-house design team to conceive a smaller version, perfect for placing on a table. In both versions, the lamp shade comes in three colours - red, black and white. The shallow conical frame is hand-covered with tape, woven from threads of the desired colour.

Modell: Leonardo
Designer: Antoni Arola
Hersteller: Santa & Cole, Spanien

Delicate wooden strips ribboned around a steel frame tie up a powerful source of light and provide volumetric quality. Its form reminds the huge 20th century Scandinavian lamps, although it features the Mediterranean freshness of a knot of tagliatelle or the agave plant leaves.

The clear wood produces suggestive transparencies, showing textures and shades. Antoni Arola, one of the most well-known Barcelona designers from the post-Olympic generation, had the idea of Leonardo while observing agave plant leaves.

The small 60 centimetre-diameter lamp is composed of thin 10 centimetre-wide strips, while the large 120 centimetre-diameter lamp is made of 20 centimetre-wide strips. Thus, a lit strip projecting light in different levels is created, with variable transparencies hiding the light source. A white round ceiling rosette links the lamp to the ceiling.

Santa & Cole

For 25 years now, Santa & Cole has lived for industrial design, an art consisting of focussing on everyday objects in order to seek a better use experience, thereby leading us to reflect upon material culture.

Hence, we edit elements of domestic and urban furniture and lighting, plant elements (which are living matter) and books (which are likewise alive). A range that is only apparently disperse, converging upon a single concern: not to accumulate, but rather to select; not to enjoy quantity, but rather quality.

Santa & Cole

Modell: Moaré
Designer: Antoni Arola
Hersteller: Santa & Cole, Spanien

The screens of these series of lamps are made of a material used in industrial curtains; they create a luminous effect of symmetrical waters, as if iridescent fabric was being used. The moiré effect occurs when the two similar weaves are superimposed. Arola exploits this optical effect by nesting two mesh concentric cylinders: an inner shade (always white), and an outer shade, of greater diameter, that can be white, red or metallic grey. The result is a double cylinder of wavelike reflections that vary depending on the point of view.

The series consists of hanging, floor and table lamps. With four different diametres up to 5 table lamps, 6 floor lamps and 8 hanging lamps combinations can be created, in three different colours. Thus, they satisfy numerous applications, ranging from large public spaces to the most domestic uses.

The table and floor lamps both have a rectangular aluminium tube shaft finished in graphite that rises from a solid cast base, also finished in graphite. The light source of all the lamps in the range consists of three incandescent bulbs controlled by a dimmer.