Modell: Remington
Designer: Ennio Arosio, Ivano Redaelli
Hersteller: Ivano Redaelli, Italien

Weekly furnishings. Daily furnishings. Nightly furnishings. One drawer night-table. Two drawers night-table. Living-line with one drawer. Living-line with two drawers. Structure in grey poplar wooden shavings; drawers made in mdf; leather covering ‚marca-punto’ sewed. Chrome polished brass drawer-handles and chrome polished steel feet.

Modell: Moore
Designer: Ivano Redaelli
Hersteller: Ivano Redaelli, Italien

Metal small table with leather covering or transparent opaque painted or opaque painted in the following colours: brown, black, green, red, beige.

120 x 60 cm, H 20 cm oder 60 x 60 cm, H 20 cm

Modell: Axent
Designer: Giuseppe Viganò
Hersteller: Ivano Redaelli, Italien

Chaise-longue in multi-level bended wood, with chrome polished stainless steel frame. Covering in saddle style sewed leather. Cushion and relax roller are available in leather.

L 195 cm, B 72 cm, H 41 / 68 cm

Modell: Lyn
Designer: Ivano Redaelli, Giuseppe Viganò
Hersteller: Ivano Redaelli, Italien

Bed with metal structure. Base support structure in stainless steel: shiny chrome, mat black stained or mat white stained, brown, sharp green and Ral colours on request. Supported top in pantographed plywood. Covering leather en plain, woollen cloth.

L 233 cm, B 187 cm, H 24 / 61 cm

Ivano Redaelli

Ivano Redaelli designs since already 15 years a home collection. A textile line – household linen for bed, table, bath, fitness, home-wear, etc. and a furnishing line – beds, sofas, arm-chairs, tables, poufs, chaise-longues etc. The minimal chic taste has been the key of success of his collections, more than the care of details, the maximum quality and the discreet luxury of each item.

Recently Ivano Redaelli realizes also yacht and big boat interiors. He counts many customers among the best and more prestigious department stores and showrooms in the world and there are many V.I.P. that furnish their houses with the Ivano Redaelli’ products. The company produces also the interior of hotels and resorts very exclusives, in cooperation with world-famous architects.

The leit motive and the importance of the Ivano Redaelli’ collections is his exclusive, inimitable and special style that makes each room something “more special”.

Ivano Redaelli

Modell: Friz und Frizzino
Designer: Ivano Redaelli
Hersteller: Ivano Redaelli, Italien

Relax armchair and pouf with polystyrene small balls’ (dia 6/8) stuffing. Pure cotton covering. Completely removable covering.

Friz: 100 x 130 cm, H 38 / 55 cm

Frizzino: 55 x 65 cm, H 30 cm