Il laboratorio dell'imperfetto

Kollektion: Giusci
Hersteller: Il laboratorio dell’imperfetto

Handgefertigte Schalen aus Fiberglas. Erhältlich in sechs verschiedenen Grössen.

39 x 29 cm
35 x 27 cm
31 x 25 cm

Il laboratorio dell’imperfetto

The laboratory of the imperfect captures the imperfections/perfections of nature and interprets them through the codes of communication of contemporary art. As has been done for bowl, the chair evocative of the river basin that with its rounded-off lines guarantees comfort and a pleasant perception of intergration in nature. Or like bulbs, from the form borrewed from the vegetable world. objects, sculptures and installations inserted with great irony in the spaces of the home. It is the synthesis between nature and the artificial that becomes familiar, domestic. The intrinsic softness of the forms of nature is expressed by the contemporary plasticity of fibreglass that offers white, black and luminous bowls, extraordinary and imperfect bulbs and coloured forms similar to precious stones.

Il laboratorio dell’

Kollektion: Statue
Hersteller: Il laboratorio dell' imperfetto

Kaktusstatuen aus Fiberglas für den Innen- und Aussenbereich.